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The Pickleball Craze Has Landed In ATL

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Jasmine Harris

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No surprise here given the city’s love for tennis. Pickleball, often dubbed as the fastest-growing sport in America, has taken the world by storm, and Atlanta is no exception.

What Is Pickleball?

A low impact, but fast-paced paddle sport, pickleball welcomes all ages and skill levels. It’s an affordable hobby with paddles costing around $35 and a 3 pack of balls for less than $10. It is a racquet sport that combines elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis.

Basic Rules & Features

  1. Court: A pickleball court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, which is roughly one-fourth the size of a tennis court. This smaller size makes it more accessible and manageable for players of all ages and skill levels.
  2. Equipment: Players use a solid paddle made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated plastic ball (similar to a wiffle ball) over the net. The paddle is lighter than a tennis racket, which reduces strain on the arm and shoulder.
  3. Scoring: Pickleball uses a simplified scoring system where games are typically played to 11 points (win by 2), and a match often consists of the best of three games. The serving team can only score points, and serves must be made underhand.
  4. Doubles Play: Pickleball is commonly played in doubles format, which fosters camaraderie and teamwork. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking and building relationships with clients and colleagues.

Where to Play in ATL

Metro Atlanta has a thriving pickleball community and there are several public courts (both indoor and outdoor) to choose from, as well as some pretty cool upcoming options.

Atlanta Pickleball Center (indoor courts)

City of Atlanta Pickleball Courts

Coming Soon:

The Painted Pickle 

Pickle & Social Gwinnett 

For more info on pickleball, check out the Atlanta Pickleball Association

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